Deloitte Insight Evening

Learn more about the Future of Work with Deloitte

Driven by accelerating connectivity, new talent models, and cognitive tools, work is changing. As robotics, AI, the gig economy and crowds grow, jobs are being reinvented, creating the “augmented workforce.” We must reconsider how jobs are designed and work to adapt and learn for future growth.

Join us for an interactive evening where we will explore what the future might look like, the key skills needed for a digital world, and how we must adapt to meet these changing needs.

We will also explore Deloitte’s school leaver and graduate talent programmes, highlighting how we are preparing our people for tomorrow!

Event date: 5 November 2018 

Venue: The MAC, 10 Exchange Street West, Belfast BT1 2NJ  

Time: 16:30 - 19:00 

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